Learning the counting

Learning the sounds and shapes of alphabets.

Learning the Tens.

Learning to speak.

Adding and subtracting smaller numbers in tens


English Prep

Category: Prep

Making 3 Letter Words and Learn how to use Vowels

اردو 1

Category: Class 1

Learning  to create sentences in urdu


Science 1

Category: Class 1

Knowing the Environment

Learning the simple  multiplication and division

English 1

Category: Class 1

Learning to make small sentences and use of four letter words.

Learning hundreds and their addition subtraction , multiplication.

English 2

Category: Class 2

Learning the five letter words.

Learning the Thousands addition, subtraction, multiplication.

English 3

Category: Class 3

Learning the grammar

Multiples, Fractions and Decimals.

English 4

Category: Class 4

Understanding the simple vocabulary

Solving Fractions

English 5

Category: Class 5

Understanding and Communicating in English

Learning algebra

English 6

Category: Class 6

Reading and Comprehension

Sets , Square Roots and Integers

English 7

Category: Class 7

Learning the Language

English 8

Category: Class 8

Learning More Vocabulary


Biology I

Category: Class 9

The Life Processes

Physics I

Category: Class 9

Introduction to the fundamentals of science

The basics of elements

The Formulae

English 9

Category: Class 9

Creativity and Writing

Learning the Brain

Learning the chemical bonding
Energy around us


Summing up all!